Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Simple and colorful: steamed baby winter vegetables

Feeling a little down-trodden due to the constant cold, I perused the grocery isle in search of a little color, a little brightness, a little hint of the colors of spring. What jumped out at me was a selection of pint-sized root vegetables: baby turnips, and tiny baby carrots with vibrant greens and sugar snap peas (where are these peas coming from?). I thought: bright, vibrant, crunchy five-minute lunch! I peeled and quartered the baby turnips, peeled the carrots, leaving their stems on and trimmed the peas. The turnips and the carrots went in a bamboo steamer and the snap peas were blanched in some boiling salted water (and then dropped into ice water). I love the way blanching brings out the green, but I could have made even faster work of the dish by adding the peas to the steamer as well. I then drizzled the vegetables with some pure sesame oil, sprinkled them with some black sesame seeds and sea salt and voila! Lunch!

Steam. Season. Serve with some brown rice. Enjoy!


Sam (Healthylunchideas) said...

Yes please! I'm in need of that! I always love the addition of sesame seeds, it just makes it pretty! (A four year old acquaintance of mine thinks they look like ants, but if that gets him to eat vegetables, that I'm all for it. )

CC11 said...

I was just thinking I need to eat healthier - thanks for the lunch idea!

Justine said...

that look great! the colors are beautiful!

Xiaolu said...

I love this quick, healthy, and fresh meal! Gorgeous vibrant colors as usual.

I've recently become interested in photography and was wondering if you might recommend a book or other resource to learn about lighting? Yours is always wonderfully bright but balanced. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sounds easy. May try it on our trip this weekend. Hard to eat healthy out of town.

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Pity said...

simple yet delicious, i love this knd of dishes, very healthy and good for you, cheers form london

Larry B said...

Great presentation and photograph. I love those baby veggies - especially the carrots.

Simones Kitchen said...

Very cute little baby veggies and yes, I am so ready for a little spring color!!

Sophie said...

These are beautiful baby veggies Sabra (I'm a big fan of making sure that healthy food looks colourful and tempting). I like your addition of sesame oil too - I usually go for olive oil but sesame oil & sesame seeds is a lovely combo.

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