Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time for tea: warm, spicy chai

This week, I have received a few requests for use of a chai tea image I shot some time ago (strange: is there a chai convention going on???). The conversations reminded me of how much I enjoy chai and how fun it is to concoct your own flavors. Chai is such a nice option on a cold winter day: warm, rich and soothing with spices to wake up your senses. It was the perfect afternoon beverage to sip while watching the falling snow today. Follow the basic recipe for chai and then add your own spices to taste, or follow some of my ideas below.

Basic chai

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup skim milk
2 tsp loose black tea
Spices to taste
1 Tbs granulated sugar (or to taste)

Heat water and milk along with spices until liquid boils. Remove from heat, add tea, cover and steep for 2 minutes. Strain out tea and spices. Add sugar to taste.

For every cup of liquid, add:

Eastern Blend

1/2 tsp sumac berries
2 pods green cardamom

Sweet Blend

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 pieces "Vietnamese or true" cinnamon or 1 stick Cassia

Spicy Blend

1-2 star anise
3 balls allspice
3 black peppercorns


Meeta K. Wolff said...

oh i love chai it energizes me in the afternoons! i really like the eastern blend with the sumac berries!

Anonymous said...

MMmm I love chai ^^! Perfect for any winter I agree!! And I like adding a nice dollop of honey to it hee hee

Anonymous said...

Yum - I love that stuff! Can even be made with soy milk.

larryb said...

Yum..... I love that stuff. Can even be made with soy milk!


Taking dubious notes....

Sari @ Cook Your Dream said...

Oh, this is lovely. I've only tasted chai once, and I really enjoyed it. It never actually occurred to me to try making it at home! Thank you for the inspiration.

Simones Kitchen said...

This looks gorgeous. I never had chai but I have most of the ingredients in house right now so I am very tempted to go and make it straight away!

Jill Riter said...

such a pretty post- I'm sure just as tasty as it looks, too

Sha said...

I am not a tea fan but a chai tea...I wouldn't refuse any! Actually I'm more used to the 3rd proposition but I would try the 3 versions!

Levinson Axelrod said...

That's a great recipe for chai. Thanks.

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