Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fruit pops

Filling the molds with strawberry-lemon fruit mix

Okay, so this isn't really a recipe since it is so simple but let's call it an idea / inspiration for these hot summer days. We had a 3-year-old over this weekend which motivated me to whip up some fruit pops (strawberry-lemon, raspberry-lime and banana). They are so easy I'm not going to write a formal recipe but rather list the ingredients and provide some guidance: fresh summer fruit (whatever your fancy), water, sugar (not too much), and maybe some citrus juice or something else (mint?) for additional flavor. Combine in a blender, pour into molds and freeze for 3 hours to overnight. In terms of molds, Cuisipro has some of the cutest you've ever seen including these star pop-up molds which don't even require additional wooden popsicle sticks; they come with their own plastic sticks as part of the mold design which you can pop in the dish washer and use again and again.

I tried these with uncooked macerated berries as well as tried bringing them to a boil with water and sugar first and then blending. The latter process seemed to work particularly well to bring out the flavors in raspberries. You can add yogurt to make a creamier pop (and swirl or stack flavors if you really want to go crazy) or keep it plain and simple. I could lie and tell you that our little guest devoured them but I think he was somewhat disappointed that he was not getting sugary ice cream and instead got disguised fruit. But we adults were very happy!

Ready for the freezer!

Note: photos courtesy of the toddler's dad who has a nifty little digital camera!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea. My grandchildren will love me for making these next week when we go to visit them. I particularly like the idea of adding yogurt which I would't have thought of. Can I buy the forms somewhere easy before I leave like Williams Sonoma, or do I have to order them?

Sabra said...

I'm not sure if Williams Sonoma has them (although it's worth a call). But here's where the Cuisipro website says they're available in Houston:

Houston, Berings
6102 Westheimer
Tel: 713-785-6400

Houston, Crate & Barrel , Highland Village
4006 Westheimer Rd., 77027.
Tel: 713-490-6400

Houston, Sur La Table , River Oaks Shopping Center
1960 West Gray, 77019.
Tel: 713-533-0400

Houston, Sur La Table , Champions Forest Plaza
5472 Fm 1960 West, 77069.
Tel: 281-444-7023

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