Monday, May 14, 2007

Fresh frozen yogurt

I’ve had my eye on the new KitchenAid ice cream making attachment for a while and have been curious to try it. I had an opportunity to borrow one this weekend and give it a whirl. Coincidentally, 101cookbook’s post last week was a frozen yogurt recipe billed as even better than Pinkberry frozen yogurt that is right down the street and that I love. Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt tastes like yogurt: it is sour and tart and totally unlike some of the overly sweet competition trying to pretend to be soft serve ice cream.

The KitchenAid must be frozen for 15 hours prior to use which is not inconvenient if you just keep it in the freezer until it is needed. I used a plain organic yogurt for the mix and took 101cookbook’s suggestion to use less sugar. Amazingly, in 20 minutes, with no fuss, I had a great frozen yogurt which lived up to its billing!

Making frozen desserts is much easier than I imagined and a lot of fun. The result was a much fresher tasting yogurt than any of the commercial varieties – and now I have a stockpile in the freezer for late night cravings.

I’m sure the more expensive ice cream makers are more convenient and offer other advantages but I have no complaints with KitchenAid’s small, <$100 version. Time for an investment!


Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent. I wonder if Tofutti would work in place of yogurt.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to taste. Did you use toppings? I bet your homemade granola would be tasty.

Anonymous said...

I'm fortunate to have a plastic tomato ketchup dispenser like yours; it makes barbeque authentic American. Your relish is superb; very mellow and complimentary, rich in veggies.

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